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5 Best Night Light Projector for 2022

You’ve probably heard that the best way to get your kids to sleep is with a nightlight. But which one should you buy? There are many options on the market, and it can be hard to choose!

That’s why we’re here: To help you find the perfect night light projector for your child. We’ll go through all of their features and let you know what makes them so special, as well as how they stack up against each other. 

You’ll also learn about some of the things parents look for in a night light such as size, brightness level, and safety-and we’ll talk about those considerations too! So without further ado…let’s take a closer look at these amazing products.

Why you should get a Night Light Projector

Some people think night lights are only reserved for the young, but this isn’t entirely true. Night lights can be incredibly beneficial for just about anyone! Night lights project a calming and transforming atmosphere, and they’re especially good to have when you’ve got kids. Nightlights are perfect for helping children feel secure in their rooms and calm down without the need of a parent. 

Nightlight emitters also help save energy by lowering electric bills because there’s no need for a lamp to be on. Night lights are an inexpensive way to set an ambiance without having to pay high prices or replace lightbulbs, and they can even help promote good sleep habits! Night lights project a calming and transforming atmosphere, which is especially beneficial for children. 

Nightlights also contribute towards saving energy because there’s no need for a lamp to be on, which in turn lowers your electric bill. Night lights are an inexpensive way to set an ambiance without having to pay high prices or replace lightbulbs, and they can even help promote good sleep habits!

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    What are the 5 Best Night Light Projectors of 2022?



    • Good selection of colors
    • Good App
    • Alexa and Google Assistant Supported
    • Plenty of extra features


    • Not ideal for travel


    The Encalife Star Light Galaxy Night Light Projector is a simple, yet effective way to fill any room with the beauty of the night sky. It has a similar appearance to other projectors, however, it has more functionality than most of them. Because of its circular and compact design, it can simply be placed on any nightstand or shelf without taking up too much space on the surface. Using the innovative multi-angled base, you can choose from four different directions to keep it steady and pointing in the right direction. 

    Operating at a low volume ensures that a sleeping youngster will not be disturbed, and most of all, it displays amazingly brilliant and bright colors without entirely illuminating a room. As is obvious, it provides a realistic light, comparable to that produced by the effects of a full moon, while allowing any fussy kid to fall into a deep sleep.

    This night light creates the feeling of being in a galaxy filled with stars. Starry night sky projects on the walls and ceiling of your child’s bedroom. This star projector features a rotating base, allowing you to choose which angle will shine the projection best in your room.

    This galaxy projector night light, which functions similarly to a compact planetarium, provides the most peaceful views. It has the effect of making you feel as if you are drifting peacefully into space at night.


    Multiple brightness settings and 16.7 million colors hidden behind green stars that glide across your ceiling and walls ensure that you’ll never run out of alternatives with this multiple starlight projector.


    These night lights are ideal for children who are afraid of the dark or who have difficulty sleeping. With a relaxing galaxy light that soothes the senses, it’s the perfect present that kids will enjoy receiving. Adults are equally enthralled!

    ALEXA and GOOGLE ASSISTANT are supported.

    Make your bedtime stories more interesting by using your imagination! This projector is controlled by voice commands, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free experience.

    Smart Sleep Shutdown Timers are a great way to save time.

    You can program this galaxy night light to turn on and off on its own schedule whenever you want it to. PLUS, it comes with a smartphone app that allows you to operate it from any location. AND, in addition to the lovely gift box, there are a couple of interesting extras – check the description.

    Blisslights Sky Lite


    • Easy to operate
    • Decently priced


    • Short Power Cable


    The BlissLights Sky Lite alarm clock is designed to look like a typical, old-school alarm clock, complete with a clock face and hands. A white ABS plastic body with controls on the front is mounted vertically on a white ABS plastic base. On the other hand, you will not locate a pair of bells at the very top.

    An alternative is a pair of projector lenses, which you’ll find in the box. Depending on the variation, they can be either a pair of blue lenses or a pair of blue and green lenses. There are three protrusions that function as legs on the bottom of the case, rather than the usual two or three. 

    Because only two of the Sky Lite’s legs are in contact with the ground at any given time, it can be tilted in either direction. This enables you to alter the angle of the lenses to generate a variety of various effects. It’s also relatively light, weighing only 1.6 pounds. It is lightweight and can be transported from one location to another with ease, even by a youngster.

    Single Click Morphing Nebula

    Sky Lite 2.0 creates an instantaneous field of drifting stars against a morphing RGB nebula cloud using a single click (Patent Protected). Sky Lite adds quick mood ambiance to any occasion, whether it’s a party, gaming station, meditation area, or a seductive night light aura in the bedroom. There’s no need to install Sky Lite.

    Out of this world Visuals

    A direct diode laser, precise glass optics, and holographic technologies are combined to create an otherworldly visual experience that cannot be replicated.

    Relaxing ambiance

    Sky Lite is a unique gift for adults and children alike, thanks to its peaceful aurora effects that create a relaxing ambiance in any area. Sky light provides for a unique night light projector that will have you mesmerized from the moment it is turned on.

    Enhance any room

    Blisslights Sky Lite is a game-changer for every room in the house, whether you want to dine under the stars, create a peaceful spa setting, or enhance your home theater in seconds.

    Bluetooth Compatible

    The software may be downloaded and connected by Bluetooth, or it can be controlled with simple button controls that make it simple to cycle among the many light effects, alter the brightness, or start and stop the spinning motion. This model features a nebula cloud that is red, blue, and green, as well as BLUE stars.

    Sega Toys Homestar Flux


    • Amazing Visuals
    • Plenty of upgradable disks


    • Expensive


    The satin black Sega Toys Homestar Flux star projector is one of the sleekest-looking and most powerful star projectors available when it comes to light projectors, but it comes at a high price — and with a lot of ambition to match. 

    The Homestar Flux’s multilevel glass lenses provide amazingly atmospheric and accurate projections that are beautifully brilliant and sharp to the borders, making it more like a home planetarium than a simple star projector. 60,000 stars can be seen after changing the focus to your liking, which is far more than its competitors’ offerings. 

    You do not even need to utilize a fully dark room because of the Homestar Flux’s brightness. This light projector comes with a built-in speaker that plays relaxing, ambient sounds to help guide you into slumber.

    The sheer number of stars displayed on this globe-like product, as well as some enticing science-based upgrade possibilities, are, however, where this globe-like product truly shines. It comes with two disks, one of which depicts a starry sky with 60,000 stars and the other of which provides constellation names and labels. There is a “shooting star” option, like with many other star projectors, as well as an automated switch-off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes of use.

    60,000 reasons to purchase

    60,000 glittering high definition stars will be projected onto the ceiling or wall of your home.

    Advanced LED Technology.

    Warm white LED technology from a leading brand, rated at 5 watts.

    Glass Lens Projection

    Brilliant projection using multiple glass lenses that are state of the art.

    Additional Disks

    There are more than 30 alternative star discs and all new scenery disc motives available for purchase, as well as quiet disc rotation, a USB cord, and two discs included.

    National Geographic Astro Planetarium


    • FM Radio
    • Realism


    • Requires 3 aa batteries


    The National Geographic Astro Planetarium is a high-quality indoor planetarium for a good price that projects an accurate representation of the night sky — and it comes with plenty of extras. Two projection disks are included; one shows 8,000 stars and the other overlays guidelines for the major constellations. Crucially, what you see is true to the time and day you set it to. 

    It’s really easy to use. The buttons light-up blue, which makes it simple to rotate the image and adjust the focusing wheel in darkness. The result is a projection on the ceiling that’s bright and sharp (the optics in this planetarium are from German optics brand Bresser, which makes binocularstelescopes and microscopes). However, stars right at the edge of the projection can seem slightly blurry. 

    One novel feature is an optional “falling star” mode, which projects a flashing meteor every 40 seconds, though always in the same place. However, it’s another unexpected feature that’s got nothing to do with astronomy that really makes this a standout. This light projector is powered by 3 aa batteries, which is really handy as you won’t have to worry about finding a power outlet.

    In the box are four educational posters, three AA batteries to power it as well as a 3.5 mm jack cable, the latter of which can be used to hook-up a smartphone or other audio device to play through this star projectors’ small mono speaker. It’s also got an FM radio if you want to listen to music while you stargaze indoors. 


    • Projects Soothing, Shifting patterns
    • The built-in speaker will allow you to play relaxing music or white noise


    • Requires 4 Double AA Batteries


    Calming Autism Sensory LED night Light Projector is not like the other night light projectors that we have reviewed so far. Rather than having the typical starry night sky beamed to your ceiling, this product projects soothing patterns. You can play music and project warm light at the same time, the only downside is it requires 4 double AA Batteries.

    This cutting-edge device creates the peaceful sensation of being deep in the ocean, which has a very calming nighttime impact, especially for youngsters on the autistic spectrum who tend to love being in close proximity to water. The Noa Store Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector uses multi-colored LED lights (which includes a black and white mode) to project waves on the ceiling that slowly move to replicate the waves seen in nature, which helps to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. The quality of the light projection is excellent, and you can connect your iPod or iPhone to it so that you can listen to music while the lights are on.

    This Noa Store product has also been shown to be a cost-effective addition to therapeutic sensory rooms, according to the manufacturer.

    It requires four AA batteries, which are not provided.

    Recreate the sound of the Sea

    Using this product, you may recreate the shimmering sea and feel as if you are completely immersed in the deep sea calm.


    Relaxing water waves are projected onto the ceiling, creating a calming bedtime impression. Projector night light can also help calm and relax your child.


    With the help of this light, you can create a sense of physical and mental relaxation. It also doubles as a night light

    Simulated ocean movement

    The movement of ocean waves is simulated by a relaxing multicolor LED. This light projector also features a solid-colored mode with adjustable brightness.

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    Final Thoughts

    Purchasing a night light projector can be a great addition to your home. It can double as a baby night light projector by placing the device in your child’s room and projecting a starry night sky on the ceiling. This will help comfort and soothe your child as they fall asleep. Night light projectors can also be great for autism and calming anxiety. Night light projectors that project soothing patterns and colors onto your ceiling can be a helpful addition to any home!

    What type of night light projector do you currently use? Do you agree with our reviews? If so please keep checking in on our page to see the latest updates by clicking here.

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