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2022 Atlas VPN Review

The 2022 Atlas VPN Review will take a look at the current state of the VPN industry, including what services are currently available and which ones are worth your time. We’ll also discuss how to use these services securely, as well as any risks you might be taking by using them. It’s important that people know they have options for protecting their privacy online, and we want to help make sure they can find one that is right for them.

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    Quick Summary of the Atlas VPN Review:


    • Ease of use
    • Free version
    • Atlas VPN’s speeds are fast.
    • Premium versions work with Netflix


    • Fewer features and options on desktop
    • Small server network
    • limitations of the free version.
    What is a VPN?
    What is a VPN?

    What is a VPN and why do people use it

    Before we get into the Atlas VPN Review, we must first give a quick breakdown of what a VPN is. If you have seen my previous article about VPN I go into great details, so check that out here. But a quick overview is that a VPN or a Virtual Private Network connects a private network to a public network, allowing the user to send and receive information as if the computer was directly connected to the private network. Confused yet? Don’t worry, the team at Atlas VPN has done a great job simplifying the process for you! By the end of this Atlas VPN Review you will have all the information that you will need to make an informed decision on purchasing Atlas VPN.

    How does a VPN work

    Depending on the software that you use to connect your machine to a VPN the technology behind it is very similar. For the scope of this article, we are going to talk about a Remote access Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup where an end-user connects via a software application to a VPN server.

    Remote access Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections provide remote office workers with secure and reliable access to their company’s intranet. VPN technology can also allow people that aren’t employees of a business or organization, but still, need to enter most of the networks to perform a certain function, such as a business traveler checking their email while on a layover. Virtual Private Networks provide encryption between two Virtual Private Network endpoints. A secure Virtual Private Network connection has been established between two or more Virtual Private Network endpoints across public or untrusted networks.

    Who is Atlas VPN?

    Who is Atlas VPN?

    Atlas VPN, which was founded in 2019, is a highly secure freemium VPN service with a mission to make the internet a safe and open environment for everyone. Atlas VPN became a part of Nord Security in 2021, which is a global leader in the provision of digital security and privacy solutions. Despite the fact that we are a relative newcomer to the VPN scene, we have already earned the trust of more than 6 million users around the world.

    The primary driving force behind this initiative is to make digital privacy and security accessible to all consumers, regardless of their financial situation or technological expertise. Anyone is welcome to use Atlas VPN for free, or to subscribe to a premium service that includes additional features and benefits. Can you believe that a VPN would have a free version?

    If you look at the site you will see a group of individuals wearing some snazzy hoodies that they should send me one… (please!) The company’s current CEO is a person named Dainius Vanagas who took up the reigns in October 2021.

    The company boasts of taking the customer’s privacy and security seriously. As a result, Atlas VPN employs AES-256 and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption, as well as the IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard® protocols, to ensure that your data is transmitted securely.

    Atlas VPN Home

    Breakdown of key Atlas VPN features:

    Two of the key features that they advertise:


    Using the Atlas VPN SafeSwap servers, you can connect to the internet from a variety of different IP addresses at the same time, further increasing your anonymity while browsing the web.

    Tracker Blocker

    Tracker blocker prevents access to potentially harmful websites (malware links, phishing sites, and so on) and advertisements that may impair your experience. Tracker blocker prevents access to potentially harmful websites (malware links, phishing sites, and so on) and advertisements that may impair your experience

    Deep Dive into Atlas VPN SafeSwap

    Introducing SafeSwap, a brand new Atlas VPN feature that further enhances the anonymity of AtlasVPN users. SafeSwap is a new Atlas VPN feature that was developed specifically for anonymous browsing. By using SafeSwap, you can have a large number of rotating IP addresses without having to switch between different VPN servers. As of right now, Atlas VPN is the first and only VPN service provider to provide this functionality, according to the company.

    While regular servers used by other VPN providers only assign you a single IP address, the SafeSwap servers assign you an IP address from among a pool of several hundred different IP addresses. The outgoing traffic from one of these servers will be routed through a number of different IP addresses, which will constantly switch for your online sessions without causing any speed degradation.

    This makes it even more difficult for snoopers, law enforcement, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and advertisers to spy on your online activity. It works in conjunction with our Tracker Blocker feature to provide an all-encompassing defense against trackers and advertisements.

    This one-of-a-kind privacy tool was created by the Atlas VPN team of experienced software engineers to satisfy even the most privacy-conscious users.

    How to use Atlas VPN SafeSwap?

    Users of Atlas VPN’s Android, iOS, and Windows apps can take advantage of this feature. Currently, Atlas VPN offers three different SafeSwap server locations to choose from:

    • Amsterdam Sever, the Netherlands
    • Singapore Server, Singapore
    • Los Angeles Server, United States

    MacOS is not currently supported at the time of writing this review.

    Steps to use SafeSwap

    1. Please ensure that you are logged into your Atlas VPN account in order to see the complete list of Atlas VPN servers. This feature is only available to Atlas VPN Premium users.
    2. Continue to scroll down the server list until you see the SafeSwap server label at the bottom.
    3. Choose the SafeSwap server of your choice from the list.
    4. That’s all there is to it! Since then, your IP address will continue to rotate automatically while you’re browsing the web, as long as you’re connected to one of the SafeSwap servers, which is the default setting.

    What is Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker?

    While a virtual private network (VPN) does an excellent job of encrypting your internet traffic and masking your geographic location, advertisers and marketers can still track your online activity across the internet using trackers. Tracker Blocker provides you with an additional layer of privacy by keeping track of your movements.

    Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Will Disable third-party trackers

    Prevent third-party trackers from gathering information about your online activities, which can then be used to target you with advertisements later down the road.

    Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Will Identify who is tracking you

    Tracker Blocker displays a list of third-party trackers that you encounter on the internet, allowing you to stay informed about who and when is tracking your movements.

    Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Will Block Advertisements.

    Ads interrupting a person’s browsing experience are disliked by all. You can use Tracker Blocker to block annoying pop-ups, banners, and other online advertisements, allowing you to spend more time on content that is important to you rather than being distracted by irrelevant advertisements.

    Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Will Let You Surf the Web Faster

    Internet speed suffers when your browser is constantly downloading advertisements from different websites. By blocking advertisements before they even begin to load, you can browse more quickly.

    Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Will Block Malware

    Ads and websites that are known to distribute malware, such as spyware, ransomware, cryptojacking, and other malicious programs, should be blocked.

    Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Will Help You Avoid Phishing

    Every year, the number of online scams increases. Tracker Blocker can assist you in avoiding phishing and other potentially dangerous websites that are designed to defraud you. The fact that Atlas VPN blocks malicious websites is something that other VPN services on the VPN market do not offer at all.

    How to activate Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker

    Encryption Type
    Encryption Type

    What type of encryption does Atlas VPN use?

    At the time of this blog, there are two protocols Atlas VPN uses ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption and AES-256 Encryption .

    Atlas VPN uses ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption. Atlas VPN employs ChaCha20 for symmetric encryption and Poly1305 for data integrity and authenticity verification, respectively. It is quick, consumes little computational power, and provides better mobile performance than the competition. This will help secure the communication from the end-user to the Atlas VPN server.

    Atlas VPN also uses AES-256 Encryption. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has established itself as the gold standard in encryption and is used to protect sensitive information. It is efficient, widely implemented, highly compatible, and capable of supporting high levels of processing power. This also will help secure the communication from the end-user to the Atlas VPN server.

    They also encrypt data transfers with SSL/TLS to keep the information safe. IP leak protection (for both IPv4 and IPv6 connections) is provided by Atlas VPN, as is DNS leak protection and WebRTC leak protection by Atlas VPN. This also will help secure the communication from the end-user to the Atlas VPN server.

    Atlas VPN employs the Wireguard and IPSec/IKEv2 VPN tunneling protocols as its primary security measures. These are both high-grade encryption tunneling protocols, and the fact that Atlas VPN is implementing them shows a great deal of promise. They were only using IKEv2 until a few months ago. Wireguard was also implemented in order to ensure the safety of its users.

    AtlasVPN recently underwent its first-ever independent security audit. In this investigation, we discovered two medium-level threats that targeted the Atlas VPN backend service, and three low-level threats that targeted Apple’s iPhone and iPad apps. Despite the fact that it discovered these minor loopholes that could be exploited in their security system, the audit was overwhelmingly positive in its overall outcome. Not to mention that AtlasVPN responded quickly to the few threats that were identified by the software.

    How many Servers Does Atlas VPN have?

    How many servers does Atlas VPN have?

    When it comes to VPN products the server count is always king. Atlas VPN claims they have servers in 37 locations with 750 servers. (remember in three of those locations Atlas VPN advertise that they have SafeSwap Servers). The free version of Atlas VPN has a limited amount of servers. If you want access to have full access to all of the servers you will have to upgrade to the free version of Atlas VPN.

    Is Atlas VPN fast?

    With the Atlas, VPN provides extremely fast speed leveraging the WireGaurd tunneling protocol. The Atlas VPN Speed seemed to be consistent with other VPNs that I have used in the past. Streaming services used while connected to the VPN worked without any issue. Please note though that the VPN speeds that we experienced may be different than you may experience.

    Does Atlas VPN have a Kill Switch?

    Yes, Atlas VPN does have a kill switch. The kill switch Atlas VPN uses will automatically terminate all traffic if the VPN connection is lost, thus preventing your data from being exposed.

    Atlas VPN reroutes your internet traffic through a secure virtual private network (VPN). Atlas VPN Kill Switch ensures that you never lose protection, even if your VPN connection becomes unreliable for any reason.

    Atlas VPN provides protection against IP Leaks with the kill switch. When your VPN connection fails, you run the risk of accidentally disclosing your real IP address on the internet. The Kill Switch feature prevents access to the internet, ensuring that online entities are unable to retrieve the information it contains.

    What is a Kill Switch?

    When your current VPN connection fails, a kill switch is activated, which prevents any further Internet traffic from being transmitted. A kill switch is an excellent option to have enabled if you want to enhance your privacy and anonymity because it disables your internet connection if you are not secured by a VPN. This implies that even if the connection to our VPN is lost, your personal information will remain safe and secure.

    How do you enable a kill switch with Atlas VPN?

    Atlas VPN added the Kill Switch feature and it should be enabled by default. If you have deactivated it, you can always reactivate it at a later time. This process is quite simple after you have opened the Atlas VPN app you will navigate to settings and turn the Kill Switch on by moving the slider over.

    What is the log policy?

    Does Atlas VPN keep logs?

    A no-logs policy is enforced by Atlas VPN. Apparently, they are not storing any personally identifiable information, as indicated by the document. Despite the fact that it isn’t explicitly stated, it appears that the no-log policy applies to the free version of the program as well.

    They have a policy of not logging anything. However, this does not rule out the possibility of them logging anything at all. A portion of the information they collect is used to improve their service and to enable users to access their Premium version, such as your interaction with their website. When you contact their customer service, they will also record your communication data, such as your email address.

    Users are assigned a random identifier as well as a token that is stored on your device in order to use the app. As stated in their privacy policy, this could be construed as saved personal information. Other types of information collected about you when you use their apps are listed in the following list:

    • Data about your app usage, such as the changes you make to your settings and the dates and times at which you connect and disconnect, will be collected and stored.
    • Data stored on your device: what type of device you are using, as well as information about its make, model, language, operating system, time zone, and geographic location; data stored on your device (city scale).
    • Your device ID: It is unclear from Atlas VPN’s privacy policy whether they are referring to your device’s MAC address or to a different ID altogether. Marketing IDs are used by these companies to track and target customers.

    Your account can be permanently deleted according to their policy, which you can contact them about. It is even possible for residents of California to request a copy of the information that companies have on them. In the right direction, this is a positive step forward.

    Why Atlas VPN Log policy matters.

    Atlas VPN is located in Delaware in the United States. The fact that its headquarters are in the United States, which is the epicenter of the 14 Eyes Alliance. INTERPOL is a global surveillance network in which member countries cooperate by exchanging information about their residents. They can also compel third parties to provide this information through legal means.

    Atlas VPN Data Breach Monitor

    Atlas VPN Data Breach Monitor

    Data Breach Monitor is a security feature that keeps track of any data breaches that occur in connection with your online accounts. It is available for free. It automatically scans leaked databases and notifies you of any past or recent breaches in which your personal information has been exposed, as well as any potential threats.

    With Data Breach Monitor, you can track down where and when security breaches occurred, as well as what type of information was compromised or leaked from your organization. Any type of personal information, from email addresses, usernames, and passwords to social security numbers or other types of personal information, can be included in the leaked data.

    You will also be notified of any newly discovered leaks by the Data Breach Monitor, allowing you to change your login credentials and take any other necessary steps to protect your account as soon as possible.

    This feature is currently available in the Atlas VPN iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps, as well as the website.

    Does Atlas VPN support unlimited simultaneous connections?

    You will be able to protect all of your devices because of the compatibility with all popular platforms. Spread the word and take the time to ensure that you and your family are safe as well.

    Atlas VPN is compatible with an unlimited number of devices and wishes you a safe and anonymous journey. Atlas VPN offers Unlimited simultaneous connections for as many devices regardless of if you are an android or ios user.

    Is Atlas VPN Free?
    Is Atlas VPN Free?

    Is Atlas VPN free?

    It is hard to do an atlas VPN review without mentioning that there is a free version of the Atlas VPN. Its service is available in both a free and a premium version, according to Atlas VPN. For the free version of the app, you are not required to provide any payment information. The service is and will continue to be provided at no cost. With the free version, you have access to an unlimited amount of data and bandwidth, as well as three server locations to choose from.

    In addition to providing you with access to 27 locations instead of three, Premium provides you with additional security features, an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, faster servers, and specialized servers for streaming. So to answer the question “Is Atlas VPN Free?” the answer is simply yes Atlas VPN does have offer a free vpn option.

    How is the customer service of Atlas VPN?

    The customer service department at Atlas VPN can be reached via email. A series of frequently asked questions and support articles can be found by visiting their “Help” section on their website. Below that, you’ll find a button that will allow you to contact their customer support agents. Atlas VPN Support queries typically receive an answer within 24 hours, which is not ideal if you need assistance with an urgent problem. In addition, there is no live chat support available.

    Price as of the date of the Review

    What are the Pricing Plans of Atlas VPN?

    Other than the free vpn version. Atlas VPN has Three offers.

    • 1 Month at $9.99 per month
    • 1 Year at 2.49 per month
    • 3 years at $1.39 per month

    Each plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Final Thoughts on Atlas VPN

    Atlas VPN is a VPN service that offers amazing features at cheap prices. Their network is robust and their protocols are strong, making them one of the best options for a VPN.

    • Atlas VPN is a fast, clean, and easy to use vpn service that provides users with an ultra-secure connection at low prices, including a free version with little impact to your internet connection.
    • Atlas VPN is an easy, effective way to protect your data and privacy when using the internet.
    • Atlas VPN offers unique security packages including data breach monitoring
    • Atlas VPN has a 30 day money back guarantee

    This makes Atlas VPN Safe for customers who are conscious about data security and looking for a quality product at a low price. It may not have all the bells and whistles as the other competitors like NordVPN and IPVanish. However, this software does shine in its own regards.

    Thank you for reading my Atlas VPN review.

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