The 6 Best 5K and 8K monitors

I remember growing up with one of those large gray CRT monitors and thinking that this was as good as tech would get, I never imagined that they would now have 5k and 8k monitors.

These 5K and 8K monitors haven’t yet reached the masses, if only because of their exorbitant price tags. However, certain users, such as video editors and graphic designers, will undoubtedly appreciate the incredibly sharp image they provide. They also provide the user with more screen real estate, allowing you to run a 4K video project while keeping all of your apps and tools open and accessible on the screen. Even if you aren’t a video editor or a graphic designer, you can use that impressive amount of screen space for multitasking because it eliminates the need to constantly switch between tabs and apps just to see them.

You could be a multitasking professional who requires a lot of screen space. You could also be a video editor who wants to spread out while editing. In any case, if you’re limited to standard displays and can only use one monitor with your workstation, a 5K monitor or its 8K counterpart might be the perfect solution for your viewing needs.

With all this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best 5k and 8k monitors on the market!


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    Samsung Gaming Monitor
    Samsung Gaming Monitor


    • Screen size: 49-inch
    • Aspect ratio: 32:9
    • Resolution: 5,120 x 1,440
    • Brightness: 1000 nits
    • Viewing angle: 178/178
    • Contrast ratio: 3,000:1
    • Color support: 125% sRGB, 95% DCI
    • Weight: 32.19lbs


    • HDR Performance is Amazing
    • Brilliant Color
    • Amazing Contrast Ratio


    • No Speakers installed


    The Samsung CRG90 Series 49″ super ultra-wide 32:9 curved business monitor with DQHD high resolution provides a breathtaking cinematic experience that fills your field of view. Designed for high-performance professionals, it has a massive amount of real estate to upgrade your desktop experience and easily replace multiple smaller monitors. View spreadsheets and multiple windows in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s also ideal for game development, video creation and editing, and anything involving fast-moving content, such as financial trading or security monitoring.

    49″ super ultra-wide 32:9 curved display with Dual QHD (5120×1440) high resolution and split-screen functionality. Color and contrast are stunningly realistic thanks to quantum dot technology and HDR 1000 support.

    AMD A better video experience is provided by FreeSync 2, a 4ms response time, and a refresh rate of 120hz. With an adjustable stand, VESA compatibility, Eye Saver Mode, and Flicker-Free technology, it’s ideal for business professionals who work long hours.

    The large 49″ super ultra-wide 32:9 curved display with Dual QHD (5120×1440) high resolution delivers sharp, detailed images and all the space you need to multi-task efficiently, eliminating the need for inconvenient dual monitor setups.

    The super curved VA panel from Samsung is designed for comfort, productivity, and style. The distance from the screen to the eye is more uniform with an 1800mm radius, resulting in less eye fatigue when working long hours. Wide viewing angles help to ensure that the image is not degraded due to off-angle viewing. A 3000:1 contrast ratio allows you to see incredible detail and contrast even when bright colors appear alongside deep shadows and silhouettes.

    Because of Quantum Dot (QLED) technology, this monitor can display up to 125 percent of the sRGB color space, 95 percent of DCI, and 1.07 billion colors. As a result, the reds and greens are exceptionally bright, crisp, and natural, with smooth and seamless color transitions. Furthermore, each monitor is factory calibrated for color consistency.

    LG UltraWide Monitor
    LG UltraWide Monitor


    • Screen size: 49 inches
    • Aspect ratio: 32:9
    • Resolution: 5,120 x 1,440
    • Brightness: 350 nits
    • Response time: 5ms
    • Viewing angle: 178/178
    • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
    • Color support: sRGB 99%


    • USB type c port
    • Small Bezel


    • No DCI Color
    • Low Refresh Rate


    The LG 49WL95C-W 49-inch Curved 32:9 Ultrawide with HDR10 and USB-C is an UltraWide 32:9 Dual QHD (5120×1440) monitor with a 27-inch 16:9 QHD pixel space that has been doubled in one screen. You can go beyond multitasking with a multi-format multiplex because it has 70% more pixels than a 32:9 FHD resolution (3840×1080).

    Without scrolling, you can check a five-minute timeline and complete an arrangement task. Tasks involving music clips used in YouTube videos can be completed using 1:1 video editing and a mixing tool. Graphic designers will love this monitor as well.

    With fewer cables and smaller bezels, you can achieve the same screen space and clarity as four 27-inch QHD monitors by stacking two LG 49WL95C monitors vertically.

    Dual controllers allow you to control multiple devices connected to a single screen using a single keyboard or mouse. Simply drag and drop files to and from the connected devices.

    High-end laptops are increasingly being used as mobile workstations by users. The 49WL95C, which supports USB Type-C interface, can complete your portable workstation with just one cable.

    The 49WL95C has two 10W built-in stereo speakers. It can cover a small editing room or private room without the use of external speakers, and it supports Rich Bass.

    HDR technology is now being used in a variety of content. The 49WL95C supports HDR 10, allowing viewers to enjoy the content’s vibrant colors.

    The sensor responds to light by making the screen brighter in bright areas and darker in dark areas, allowing you to work in the best possible display environment.

    The height, tilt, and swivel adjustment stand allows you to personalize your desk setup and create a more comfortable workstation.

    Dell UP3218K
    Dell UP3218K


    • Screen size: 31.5-inch
    • Resolution: 7,680 x 4,320
    • Response time: 6ms
    • Connectivity: 2x DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0


    • Powerful with sharp displays
    • Rotating base
    • Great for graphic designers


    • 2 DP (Display Port) connections needed


    A broad, brilliant spectrum: Dell PremierColor provides broad color coverage that meets major industry standards — 100 percent AdobeRGB, 100 percent sRGB, 100 percent Rec. 709, and 98 percent DCI-P3 — for flawless, consistent colors.

    Extraordinary color depth: Experience a level of detail that only 1.07 billion colors (64 times more color depth than standard monitors) can provide. Even in low-light situations, you’ll notice improved color gradation and precision in more shades.

    Fine-tune with precision: Using the Custom Color mode, the SDKi, or the optional X-rite iDisplay Pro colorimeteri, you can customize color parameters to your liking.

    Color accuracy right out of the box: Your monitor has been calibrated to an accuracy of less than 2 Delta-E on AdobeRGB and sRGB. A factory calibration report is included, giving you confidence that colors will be impressively accurate right from the start.

    Perfectly crafted using Modern aluminum and refined finishing combine to create a modern and elegant design.

    Virtually borderless, with Dell’s InfinityEdge, you’ll be able to appreciate every detail of on-screen beauty without limits. A large, edge-to-edge viewing experience on one of the first virtually borderless 31.5″ monitors ensures that you’re absorbed in the visuals rather than distracted by the frame.

    This TUVi Certified monitor has a flicker-free screen and ComfortView, a feature that filters out harmful blue light emissions to improve eye comfort.

    While this is the only 8k monitor that I cover in a 5k and 8k monitors review.

    Phillips 499P9h
    Phillips 499P9h


    • Screen size: 49-inch
    • Aspect ratio: 32:9
    • Resolution: 5,120 x 1,440
    • Brightness: 400 nits
    • Viewing angle: 178/178
    • Contrast ratio: 3000:1
    • Color support: sRGB 121% / DCI-PC: 94.62%
    • Weight: 33.6lbs


    • Amazing LCD Panel Quality
    • Adaptive Sync
    • High-resolution monitor


    • 60Hz Refresh rate


    49-inch Philips Brilliance class (48. 8-inch viewable) SuperWide 32:9 LED monitor with Dual QHD (5120×1440) resolution and 1800r curved VA screen for the immersive field of view and wide viewing angles.

    The DisplayHDR 400 panel produces images with exceptional color accuracy and brilliance, covering 91 percent of the Adobe RGB and 103 percent of the NTSC color gamuts.

    USB-C 3. 1 Gen 2 (DP Alt Mode), HDMI 2. 0B x2, DisplayPort 1. 4, and audio-in/out connectivity are all included. Built-in speakers, a pop-up webcam for Windows Hello (foldable for privacy)

    Built-in USB-C docking station with three USB 3. 1 ports, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, and USB-C PD 2. 0 (up to 65W) charging your laptop quickly

    Built-in MultiClient KVM Switch with MultiView for sharing a set of peripherals and a monitor among multiple client computers.

    In the United States, Philips monitors come with a 4-year advance replacement warranty, reducing downtime.

    Adaptive-sync technology ensures a smooth, quick refresh and an ultra-fast response time for a fluid, stutter-free experience. Gaming performance with a refresh rate of up to 75Hz

    SmartErgoBase allows for ergonomic adjustments such as height adjustments, 90-degree pivot and swivel functions, and VESA mounting.

    Made with 85% post-consumer recycled plastics.

    MSI Prestige
    MSI Prestige


    • USB-C: Yes
    • Screen size: 34 inches
    • Resolution: 5,120 x 2,160
    • Aspect ratio: 21:9
    • HDMI inputs: HDMI 2.0 x 2
    • Display ports: DisplayPort v1.4 x 1


    • Nano IPS Panel
    • Crisp 5k2k Resolution
    • Picture by Picture


    • HDR underperforms


    The PS341WU was inspired by the fusion of Western oil painting and Eastern ink painting. On the back, an asymmetrical circle and a curved line blend seamlessly with the symmetrical square on the front. This is ideal.

    Enjoy the pure and realistic colors. Enjoy superior image quality thanks to the combination of accurate color reproduction and a high contrast ratio.

    The ultra-wide 34″ WUHD resolution display will improve your work by making every detail visible, resulting in extremely realistic visuals.

    The 34″ 5K2K Ultra-Wide (5120 x 2160/ 21:9) resolution supports a 4K full-size window with a buffer workspace to preview content at the same time. As a result, multitasking becomes more efficient, the perfect for graphic designers.

    The exclusive MSI Creator OSD makes it simple to adjust and switch between Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) (PBP). This allows you to view content from multiple sources at the same time.

    Enjoy more lifelike images with greater contrast between the monitor’s brightest and darkest areas, resulting in a rich and vivid HDR viewing experience.

    The Digital Cinema Initiatives Color Standard enhances your video editing by bringing out the full color expression. It provides the most accurate conditions for your creations with color reproduction that is identical to your camera.

    Software designed to provide convenient access to your screen profile, color modes, and screen assistance at all times. Assisting you in determining the most appropriate and accurate color gamut for each creation.

    MSI Creator OSD and the intuitive 5-way navigator joystick will both assist you in creating in the most intuitive and smart way possible.

    The PS341WU provides a comfortable working and viewing environment. It can tilt, swivel, and adjust in height.

    LG UltraFine Display
    LG UltraFine Display


    • Screen size: 27-inch
    • Aspect ratio: 16:9
    • Resolution: 5,120 x 2,880
    • Brightness: 500 nits
    • Viewing angle: 178/178
    • Contrast ratio: 1200:1
    • Color support: 99% DCI
    • Weight: 14.11lbs


    • Brilliant uninterrupted view
    • Connectivity options
    • affordable price
    • Thunderbolt


    • Limited amount of ports.


    Even though I am not a fan of Apple Products, and always looking for an alternative for Alternatives to Apple products, the Thunderbolt connection is a great feature.

    This 5K monitor is a work of art and the closest thing to an official Apple monitor until the Cupertino company’s 6K Pro Display XDR is released (and not just because of how bright it can go). It has an IPS panel and covers 99 percent of the DCI P3 gamut, making it an excellent choice for photographers and video editors looking for the best color accuracy.

    It uses a single USB-C port to transfer video and data at the same time, making for a neat setup; however, its port selection is limited to three Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports located around the back – so get your dongles ready.

    This monitor has the great image quality and the sheer size of it makes it a great choice for anyone looking to make a real statement with their computer setup.

    What do 8K monitors and 5K monitors offer that other monitors don’t?

    8K and 5K monitors offer 8 times as many pixels as a Full HD monitor, which is four times as many as a Quad HD monitor, and two times as many as a 4K monitor. In other words, 8K monitors have 8x the resolution of Full HD monitors, while 5K monitors have 5x the resolution of 4K monitors. 8K displays also boast impressive 128 times as many pixels as an old school 640 x 480 VGA monitor, which is still used today!

    Who should buy an 8K Monitor?

    Most people think that these large monitors are only designed for video gamers and graphic designers. However, 8K monitors are quickly becoming affordable for the average household, and 8K TVs are beginning to make their way onto the market. 8K is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to future-proof their TV or monitor purchase. 8k monitors are also a great choice if you plan on using your monitor for work purposes – 8K displays offer crisper images, more accurate colors, and the ability to view 8K content.

    Who should buy a 5K monitor?

    Just as I mentioned earlier 5k monitors are slowly becoming more affordable. A 5K monitor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a larger screen for your computer, but don’t want to pay 8K prices.

    The benefits of 8K and 5K monitors

    Real estate, real estate, real estate… at least in the sense of pixels. An 8k monitor can provide a large workspace for you to use for work or play, allowing you to see 8 times the amount of detail as a Full HD monitor and 4 times more than a Quad HD monitor. 8K and 5K resolution displays also provide greater power for multitasking and can help increase productivity if used with multiple monitors.

    How to choose the best 8K or 5K monitor for your needs

    I have provided many viable options for you to consider. Price may be a factor for you, and 8K and 5K monitors can be relatively expensive; however, if your focus is on the screen size and resolution we have included several solid options that won’t break the bank. Do you need upstream regular USB ports, or a screen that can support up to six windows? Are you trying to replace a multi-monitor setup, or looking for a business like an ultrawide monitor? These are just a few of the questions that you will need to think about.

    Which one is better, 8k or 5k monitors ?

    More pixels… does not always equal a better monitor. Finding the best ultra wide monitor for you may

    The future of 8K and 5k displays

    You can choose between regular 16:9 aspect ratios and ultrawide monitors with 21:9 (or higher) aspect ratios for 5K monitors (that’s 5,120 2,880 pixels). If you want a multi-monitor experience but only have one screen, ultrawide monitors are a great option.

    Meanwhile, monitors with a standard aspect ratio are generally better for design work because high-DPI modes in Windows and macOS allow users to zoom in to manipulate images in incredible detail while rendering pin-sharp text and UI elements.

    However, ultra-wide monitors offer an intriguing alternative that bypasses pixel scaling to provide professionals with acres of screen space for positioning windows, stretching out video-editing timelines, and viewing cinematic video as it was intended.

    Anthony Bahn Logo Transparent2

    Final Thoughts

    So, what’s available? 8K monitors will hit the market in the coming years, but Dell got the ball rolling early – in 2017. Dell is still arguably the segment leader.

    When it comes to graphics, there aren’t many graphics chips that support 8K at the moment – you’ll need the latest-generation AMD Radeon Pro or Nvidia GeForce card to take full advantage of the resolution.

    The main issue with using an 8K computer right now is that user interface elements aren’t designed for such a high resolution – for example, Photoshop CC will only scale its user interface to 200 percent, which is insufficient for comfortable use.

    Dell’s 8K display is clearly ahead of its time, but it no longer appears to be as futuristic as it did a year ago. This is due to the fact that TV manufacturers are also beginning to release the first batch of 8K sets. Manufacturers like Samsung are eager to take the leap for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a desire to be the first.

    They also want to pull the market along with them, so all manufacturers are currently considering their 8K options. Another reason is that 8K content isn’t always necessary right away; the powerful image processors inside these TVs will be able to upscale content – for example, 4K content to 8K.

    It’s clear that easily accessible 8K content is still a long way off. There’s also the issue of delivery – it’ll require a lot of bandwidth to deliver it, potentially 80-100Mbps, so streaming 8K via broadband connections is also a long shot.

    Which monitor piqued your interest? Which one are you considering purchasing?

    If you enjoyed this article, check out my other reviews!

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