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Sonos AMP – 2023 Review

Sonos Amp: The Ultimate Streaming System for Hi-Fi Enthusiasts

Are you an audio enthusiast looking for the ultimate streaming system? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that Sonos has recently released the powerful and versatile Sonos Amp! For music lovers, hi-fi enthusiasts, and home cinema aficionados alike, this new tech is guaranteed to turbocharge your sound experience. With a suite of amazing features from its counterpart—the tremendously popular Sonos Beam—this device offers superior efficiency and flexibility when enjoying all your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, movies, and more with just one easy system. Keep reading to learn how the Sonos Amp can help take your sound system up a notch or two!

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    Sonos, renowned for its wireless sound system solutions, has returned to its roots with the introduction of the Sonos Amp. This multi-featured device is perfect for all streaming options, enabling the user to supplement it with any high-fidelity speaker. Furthermore, it includes features taken from the best-selling Sonos Beam while still being a great choice both in terms of music or movie streaming and playback. This particular product poses a more demanding set of demands and rivals when compared to other products in this same range, making it truly unique amongst its siblings. With all that in mind, it is no wonder why the Sonos Amp is recognized as Sonos’ top-of-the-line product.

    Pair the Sonos Amp with a set of Sonos Speakers, and you’ll have a comprehensive streaming system suited to your needs. This device is also perfect for sound bars, amplifiers, receivers, and turntables, making it an excellent choice for those who are always on the hunt for better-sounding audio systems.


    • Punchy, engaging sound
    • Broad, deep soundstage
    • Great for TV and Music


    • Issues with Hi-Res
    • Slight lack of subtlety


    Introducing the New Sonos Amp – A Dedicated Hi-Fi System for Streaming Music

    Introducing the new Sonos Amp – the perfect marriage of hi-fi speakers and streaming music. Now users can expand their stereo sound systems with any hi-fi speakers, while still harnessing the power of modern streaming. Boasting many of the same features found in the renowned Sonos Beam, this new Sonos Amp is well suited for listening to music or taking in a movie with exquisite multi-channel surround sound. Don’t miss out – embrace brilliance today with the Sonos Amp and experience your music as you never dreamed possible.

    Sonos’s Patrick ‘PG’ Gall has described the new Sonos Amp as “the Connect:Amp on steroids”, and for a good reason. Despite its smaller size compared to the older Sonos model, Sonos Amp packs a punch when it comes to its under-the-hood specs. Improved connectivity options make Sonos Amp an indispensable part in any Sonos system. In addition, Sonos Amp is compatible with Apple Airplay 2 technology and boasts 125 watts of loudspeaker power. When coupled with Sonor’s eco-system of speakers and sound bars, Sonos’s latest product offering is a sure hit for audiophiles everywhere.

    Sonos Amp

    Sonos Redefines the Amp for Custom Installations: Shorter, Deeper, and Wider with Improved Features

    Sonos is redefining their Sonos Amp with a whole new shape that is shorter and deeper, but slightly wider than before. After conversing with custom installers who have long been using the Sonos Connect:Amp despite it not being initially intended for installation setups, Sonos is taking people’s needs into account in order to create a Sonos System product specifically geared towards this user demographic. This new Sonos Amp will provide all of the same features as before while also addressing the demands customers have been expressing – giving an even better experience than Sonos systems of old.

    The Sonos Amp’s new dimensions allow it to fit seamlessly into a hi-fi rack and be discreetly tucked away. Its stackable design also enables users to place multiple amps in a central location, simplifying speaker cable routing to other rooms. This feature is particularly useful for custom installations, offering a convenient and streamlined solution.

    The Sonos Amp is a sleek and minimalist device, with a simple design that only includes three touch-sensitive buttons on the front. These buttons allow for play/pause and volume control, with context-sensitive functionality for added convenience. The Sonos Amp is only available in black, adding to its understated elegance.

    The new Sonos Amp features a densely packed interior with no wasted space, which poses a challenge for cooling. However, Sonos has ingeniously designed the Sonos Amp to draw in air from the bottom and exhaust it from the top, all while operating without a noisy fan.

    Sonos AMP

    Sonos AMP – Features

    The back of the Amp is equipped with all of the same connections as the Connect:Amp, including two pairs of speaker terminals, a subwoofer output, two ethernet sockets, and a stereo analogue input. However, there is one significant addition: an HDMI socket.

    The Amp is equipped with an HDMI socket, which provides the same TV-connecting features as the Sonos Beam. This includes automatic switching to TV audio when needed and the ability to control volume of the TV sound using your TV’s remote. Similar to the Beam, the Amp is designed for use in uncomplicated setups with minimal video sources, which are all plugged directly into the TV, with audio output via ARC to the sound system. This might be limiting for serious home cinema enthusiasts, but it creates a straightforward and seamless setup for its target audience. We had everything set up in minutes without any complications.

    Similar to the Sonos Beam, Playbar, and Playbase, the Sonos Amp allows for the addition of two Sonos speakers (like Ones) as surround channels. Alternatively, you can choose to incorporate a second Sonos Amp to connect to any two additional speakers you prefer, resulting in a 4.0 system. You can even go for a 4.1 setup by introducing a wired subwoofer or the wireless Sonos Sub.

    The Sonos Amp does not have an output for a center channel, which means that it cannot be used to create a 5.1 system. However, Sonos claims that this is not a problem as it employs precise processing to create a phantom center channel.

    The Sonos Amp also offers the option to output in dual-mono, allowing you to send the same sound to both speakers. This feature can be particularly useful if you are using ceiling or outdoor speakers, where a stereo image may not be necessary or desirable.

    You will need to purchase Sonos banana plugs if you want to connect multiple speakers to the amp. The Sonos banana plugs are relatively inexpensive and can be bought at the Sonos Store.

    Sonos by Sonance

    Sonos and Sonance speakers

    Sonos has collaborated with Sonance speakers to produce a line of speakers called the Sonos Architectural by Sonance, which includes an outdoor speaker, in-ceiling speaker, and in-wall speaker. These are not typical Sonos speakers but rather passive speakers specifically designed to match the finish and sonic character of Sonos products.

    Sonos Architectural, like the in-celing speakers by Sonos and Sonance , can be connected to the Sonos Amp and controlled with the same app. However, you will need a speaker selector or amplifier if you want to connect multiple architectural speakers in different rooms.

    The Sonos Amp, when connected to Sonance speakers, allows you to use the Trueplay feature to optimize the sound to the specific acoustic properties of your room. Unfortunately, this feature is not available when using other non-Sonance speakers.

    One area where the Amp stands out from the Connect:Amp is in its ability to power third-party speakers with greater flexibility, thanks to a significant increase in power from 55W to 125W. This means that the Amp can efficiently power larger and more demanding speakers.

    With its music streaming capabilities, the Sonos Amp provides access to a wide range of music services and lets you combine them with your own digital music collection to create on-the-go playlists. This feature is consistent with other Sonos products, giving you access to music from virtually every service available.

    If you were hoping for the new Sonos Amp to support hi-res music, you might be disappointed as Sonos is maintaining its position on this matter. According to Sonos, hi-res music is not worth the extra effort it requires. Therefore, Sonos devices, including the new Amp, continue to support CD-quality audio as their upper limit for music playback.

    It is possible that Sonos may reconsider its stance on hi-res music with the launch of the Sonos S2 platform. There are indications that this update may include support for hi-res, which would be available on the Amp but not on the ZonePlayer 100 and most Connect:Amps.

    Sonos App

    Sonos App

    The Sonos app continues to be the best option for controlling products, including the Amp, and surpasses its competitors in functionality. However, Sonos is also making strides to make the system more hands-free. Although the Amp does not have a built-in microphone, it can respond to voice commands given to Amazon Alexa- and Siri-powered devices, including the Sonos One and Beam. In addition, AirPlay 2 is included.

    The Sonos App also has an integration with Apple Music, allowing you to access this streaming service on the Amp without having to use your phone. While it does not yet have a native Spotify app, Sonos devices can be connected to this service using the existing third-party Spotify Connect app.

    Sonos has recently added a new feature that allows you to turn off Wi-Fi on all of its devices, including the Amp. While some users may not see the need for this, those who prefer a faster and more reliable wired connection and want to eliminate any potential Wi-Fi interference will appreciate this option.

    Sonos App

    Sonos AMP – Sound Quality

    As we tested a variety of our favorite speakers, from the affordable Elac B5.2 standmounters to the high-end Monitor Audio Silver 200 floorstanders, Sonos’s assertion that the new Sonos Amp can drive a wider range of speakers proves to be accurate. Even when paired with our premium ATC SCM50s, valued at £7k, the combination of the Sonos Amp and speakers does not result in any drastic sonic discrepancies.


    Although the Sonos Amp is capable of driving a variety of speakers, it is worth noting that higher-end speakers may benefit from a more premium amplifier. That being said, the Sonos Amp works best when paired with quality speakers on the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum. The Elac B5.2s are a solid choice, but for those willing to spend a bit more, the B&W 607 standmounters or Fyne Audio F302 floorstanders are also great options.

    Tune your Sonos Amp in the Sonos App

    To get the most out of your Sonos Amp and the connected speakers, take some time to explore the EQ menu in the settings. One particular feature that is worth experimenting with is the Loudness function, which is enabled by default. By doing so, you can fine-tune the audio output to your liking and enhance your overall listening experience.

    Although the impact is less noticeable compared to Sonos’s wireless speakers, the Loudness feature on the Sonos Amp can still make a difference. With it switched off, the Sonos Amp’s sound delivery has a slightly more natural and well-rounded tone, especially in vocals. However, this may vary depending on your room acoustics and speaker configuration. It’s worth experimenting with Loudness on and off in the EQ menu to see which setting suits your preferences best.

    Music Testing with the Sonos Amp

    Starting with Prefab Sprout’s “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” the Sonos Amp impresses with its ability to create a soundstage that is both wide and focused. The placement of the various effects throughout the song is precise, conveying all the intended fun. For example, the plane whooshes from far-left to right, while the vocal has a lovely, airy, disembodied quality to it and is flanked by the silly, trumpet-like parps from the keyboard.

    The Sonos Amp’s impressive spatial presentation makes it a perfect fit for home cinema use. When playing Prefab Sprout’s The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the soundstage boasts an excellent blend of width and focus. The plane whooshes from far-left to right, while the vocals have a lovely airy and disembodied quality to them, flanked by trumpet-like parps from the keyboard. This precise placement of seemingly incongruous effects is impressive.

    Sonos Amp will immerse you with high quality sound

    The Sonos Amp‘s exceptional spatial quality enhances the overall viewing experience when streaming Breaking Bad on Netflix. The broad, three-dimensional soundstage fills the room with atmospheric sounds, while individual sound effects maintain their focus, adding to the excitement.

    The Sonos Amp’s “phantom center channel” performs admirably, delivering clear and direct dialogue that surpasses typical stereo systems. While a dedicated center speaker would be even better, Sonos has managed to create a similar effect without the added hassle or expense.

    Although the option to add surround speakers to the Sonos Amp is attractive, it’s important to note that it’s improbable for the front speakers to perfectly match the surrounds, resulting in a slightly fragmented surround field.

    Two Sonos amps are better than one!

    A more ideal solution would be to consider adding a second Sonos Amp and a second pair of the same speakers used at the front. Although this may seem like an extravagant expense for a home cinema setup, it would result in a more cohesive and seamless surround sound experience. It is worth noting, however, that the Sonos Amp has limited input and surround format support (Dolby Digital 5.1 being its maximum capability).

    Returning to music, we decided to play some classical music and were once again impressed by the spaciousness provided by the Sonos Amp. The tonal balance was expertly crafted, with substantial bass, textured mids, and glistening treble that remained clear without becoming overly bright.

    Dream Sonos System

    Creating your own dream Sonos system is easy, and at the core of it is the Sonos Amp. The Sonos Amp presents an immediate and engaging stereo sound that is both exciting and lively. With a skillful avoidance of harshness or jarring notes, the Sonos Amp delivers a punchy performance that is rich in detail and clarity from the very first note.

    The Sonos Amp’s performance is bold and attention-grabbing, delivering an immediate and engaging stereo sound with plenty of punch and detail. However, when compared to other streaming components at a similar price point, and non-streaming amps at lower prices, the Sonos Amp lacks the low-level dynamic delicacy that characterizes true hi-fi stereo sound. While it captures the surface level excitement of a track, it can struggle to reveal the subtle emotional nuances and deeper layers of a piece.

    The Sonos Amp’s lack of precise timing and rhythm can result in a performance that fails to fully capture the momentum and flow of certain tracks, despite still delivering an enjoyable listening experience.

    The Sonos Amp may struggle with complex arrangements in certain tracks, such as the choruses in Every Other Freckle and SBTRKT’s Trials of the Past, where specific instruments can get lost in the mix, causing the organization to become a slight issue.

    While the Sonos Amp provides an enjoyable listening experience with its broad strokes, it falls slightly short in expressiveness and insight, particularly when compared to other components in its price range. It may not fully reward those who engage in attentive and contemplative listening.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does the Sonos Amp provide high-quality audio reproduction with easy setup and connectivity options?

    If you’re looking for premium sound with the convenience of a modern streaming device, then the new Sonos Amp is an ideal solution. It offers a sleek design that is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment, including hi-fi speakers, amplifiers and TVs. And setting up the device couldn’t be easier – it integrates with your home Wi-Fi network and offers voice control, allowing you to enjoy high-quality audio reproduction from your favorite music service at any time with just a few simple commands. With its easy setup and connectivity options, the Sonos Amp provides hassle-free access to all of your favorite tunes.

    How does Sonos Amp’s wireless connectivity allow you to stream any music source to your speakers with high-quality audio reproduction and easy setup options?

    With the latest Sonos Amp, you can stream any music source – streaming services, your own digital library, or even vinyl – to your speakers wirelessly. Connect to your preferred sound systems like Hi-Fi or playbar and access on-demand music services like Spotify or Apple Music. Enjoy crisp, balanced volume and easy control of all your music with the Amp’s voice assistant integration and enhanced speaker setup. With everything taken care of in one place, the Sonos Amp makes streaming music easier than ever before.

    How does AirPlay 2 support on Sonos Amp enhance your listening experience by allowing you to seamlessly and wirelessly play songs from your Apple devices?

    With the latest AirPlay 2 Support, Sonos users can now connect their Apple devices and wirelessly stream music directly to their speakers. Seamlessly control your favorite songs right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, as well as ask an assistant to play a specific track you want all with just a few clicks. Plus, multiple listeners in different rooms can request songs separately while they enjoy their own personalized soundtrack – it’s never been easier to take the party with you wherever you go!

    How can you create immersive surround sound experiences with the Sonos Amp through multiple room groupings?

    Sonos Amp is revolutionizing the way you enjoy your music and movies. With its advanced features, it’s easy to create a surround sound experience with multiple room groupings. You can connect up to four speakers in each room, pairing them together for an immersive movie theater experience that you can bring home. The Sonos Amp also features built-in streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, allowing you to access your favorite music without having to switch devices. Whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, let Sonos Amp help you make every sound more spectacular.

    How can the Sonos Amp help improve your audio performance by incorporating subwoofers or rear speakers?

    The Sonos Amp allows users to improve the sound of their hi-fi speakers using a number of features, such as being able to add subwoofers and rear speakers for an enhanced audio experience. Subwoofers are especially useful for enjoying deep and powerful bass tones, while the addition of rear speakers will create a full surround sound effect that immerses you in your favorite tunes or films. If you’re looking for even more control, you can use the simple guide from Sonos’ solutions page to get the best results from your system’s setup. Whether you want crisp highs or booming lows, adding a few extra components is all it takes to boost any speaker setup for superior audio performance.

    Can you have two Sonos amps

    Yes, you can have two Sonos Amps! The Sonos Amp offers an enticing option for home theater enthusiasts looking to elevate their audio experience. One of its key features is the ability to power the main speakers of a home theater setup, providing high-quality audio reproduction.

    The versatility of the Sonos Amp extends to its ability to be used for surround sound setups. With the option to add a second Amp for the effects channels or to use wireless rear speakers for a more streamlined setup, the Amp allows for a customizable and seamless home theater experience.

    This is a particularly appealing option if you prefer not to deal with cables for the rear speakers, as long cables can be unwieldy and difficult to conceal.

    After witnessing how great it sounded at my tech-savvy friend’s home, I was inclined to set up a surround sound system with multiple Sonos Amps. However, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of running cables to the surround speakers, so I opted to purchase only one Amp.

    How do you connect two Sonos Amps together

    If you want to increase the number of speakers in your home or boost the audio output of your media by connecting two Sonos Amps together, it’s a relatively simple process. Before you start, you’ll need to set up the Sonos amps using the Sonos app.

    If you plan to use the amps with your TV or home theatre system, connect one of the amps to the front speakers and the other to the surround or rear speakers.

    Here are the steps to set up the Sonos Amp using the Sonos app:

    • Position the Sonos Amp and turn it on.
    • Download and install the Sonos app on your smartphone.
    • Launch the Sonos app and select “Set Up New System.”
    • Log in to your Sonos account or create one if you don’t have one already.
    • The Sonos app will search for nearby Sonos products. Once your amp shows up, select “Add” and then hit “Continue.”
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Sonos amp, including adding your music services.
    • With this, your first Sonos amp is set up and ready for use.

    To add a second Sonos amp to an already set up system:

    • Go to “Settings” on the app.
    • Choose “System” and then select “Add product.”
    • Select your new Sonos amp and follow the instructions on the app to set it up.

    That’s it! With two Sonos amps connected, you’ll have an even more powerful audio system in your home.

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    Final Thoughts

    All in all, the new Sonos Amp has it all and is a great way to get high-quality audio reproduction. Featuring innovative wireless connectivity options, you can stream any music source, even from Apple devices using AirPlay 2, directly to your speakers.

    To get the best out of your Sonos Amp you will need to become very comfortable with the Sonos app. You can play music, connect to different streaming services and even setup the surround system in your house using the Sonos App.

    Furthermore, if you’re looking for an immersive experience there are several multi-room grouping options to pair with your favourite subwoofer or rear speakers. Whether you’re an amateur audiophile, streaming enthusiast or DIY enthusiast building a home theatre system – the Sonos Amp is sure to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

    So why not take the leap today and upgrade your sound? With so much on offer and unbeatable quality support it might be just what you need to make your audio dream a reality – so don’t wait any longer and click here to find out more about the latest release.

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