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The 5 Best Programmable Light Switches

Saving money on your energy bill is a top priority for many homeowners, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Many people believe that they need to replace all of their light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs in order to save money, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, you may be able to save even more money by using a programmable light switch.

A programmable timer switch allows you to control when your lights turn on and off, which can help you save energy and money. These switches are easy to install and can be programmed to turn off or on at certain times of the day, making them a great way to conserve energy and save money.

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    BN-Link Programmable Light Switch


    • Easy to Install
    • Excellent Price Point
    • Smart Light Switch Timer
    • Painless Single Pole Installation


    • Random mode is not that Random
    • Can be difficult to program
    • Neutral Wire Required
    BN-Link Programmable Light Switch

    BN-Link Programmable Light Switch


    The BN-LINK 7-Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch is compatible with single-pole and 3-way. It includes a wall mount and you can easily power your timer system with a flip of the switch. There are 18 potential events that you can program for ON/OFF based on your personalized schedule with its custom light switch timer. The BN-Link makes a good option for those who want a home automation system that is easy to install and configure.


    The timer’s blue backlight makes it simple to see and program the device. Up to 18 On/Off programs, each with a seven-day programming option, can be created. Settings can be as brief as one minute in length. Choose your own individual days, or simply choose one of the convenient pre-set combination days to make your life easier.


    The door can be easily switched between AUTO (timed on/off) and MANUAL (manual on/off) modes by pressing and holding the door. A backup battery ensures that your settings are preserved even in the event of a power outage, and our convenient Daylight Savings Time mode eliminates the hassle of changing the clocks.


    Activate the “Random” vacation mode on your timer to have your home’s programmed lights turn on and off at random. Make your home appear “lived in” even when you are not present. BN-LINK protects your residence from potential intruders by randomizing the lights.


    Using a timer switch to program your lights to turn on and off on specific schedules can help you save money on your energy bill. You can program your lamp to turn on when you wake up in the morning and turn it off when you leave for work. When you return home, your lights will be turned on and ready for you. It is possible to reduce electricity costs. Lighting, ceiling fans, and other applications are possible.

    ENERLITES Programmable Light Switch


    • 18 Timer Options
    • Programmable light switch timer
    • battery backup in case of power outages
    • Energy Control


    • Small Timer
    • Instructions are not Clear

    ENERLITES Programmable Light Switch

    ENERLITES Programmable Light Switch


    The HET01-C is an automated light switch timer that can be used to preprogram the indoor and outdoor lighting in your home. The light switch has 18 different on/off settings for each day of the week, one for each day of the week.

    Set your own Schedule

    Create schedules to control your indoor and outdoor lights, fans, sprinklers, and motors, so that they turn on and off automatically at the appropriate times of the day and night.

    18 Timer Options

    Create up to 18 different on/off timer settings and leave the rest to the HET01-C wall timer to take care of the rest. When the timer cover is pressed, the lights can be turned on and off manually.

    Battery Backup

    In the event of a power failure, the built-in Ni-MH battery will maintain the timer settings that have been programmed. The RCL feature can be used to recall the last setting that you made.

    Saves Money

    Get a return on your investment by lowering energy consumption for lights that are left on for longer periods of time than necessary. When you’re away from home for work or vacation, use the random mode feature to keep an eye on things.

    Leviton Programmable Light Switch


    • Energy Control multiple devices
    • Wall Digital Timer
    • Scheduled programming


    • Instructions not clear
    Leviton Programmable Light Switch

    Leviton Programmable Light Switch


    The Leviton 24-Hour Programmable Timer can be used for single pole, three-way, or more locations when combined with a VP0SR remote switch. It operates at 120VAC, 60Hz and 1800W incandescent/halogen, 15A resistive/inductive, and 1HP. Astronomical clock with backlit LCD display, timer settings accessible at a glance, green LED locator, and a neutral setting. Available in three colors: white, ivory, and light almond. This makes a very versatile light switch timer to automate all your home lighting.


    Interior/exterior lights can be programmed to operate automatically, among other things.

    Energy Savings

    These light switch timers allow you to reduce your energy consumption while also extending the life of your bulbs.


    Per day, this light switch timer will allow you to program up to 49 different on/off event settings.


    The Decora 24-Hour Programmable Timer makes adjustments for local sunrise/sunset times and daylight saving time.

    Kasa Switch


    • Compatible with Smart Home
    • Programmable light switch timer
    • Easy to install


    • Customer Service
    • Requires App installed
    Kasa Switch

    Kasa Programmable Light Switch


    The Kasa Programmable Light Switch , HS200 Wi-Fi light switch, works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Installing Kasa is very easy. Just install the light switch according to the instructions, download a Kasa app on your phone or tablet. With built-in Smart Home capabilities, you can easily control all your home lighting from one application.

    Installing with a guide is simple.

    A neutral wire with a standard wall plate size is required. Using the Kasa app, you won’t have to worry about learning complicated switch wiring or master versus auxiliary switch configurations; the app will walk you through the process step by step. Need Wi-Fi connection operating at 2.4GHz

    Control from any location.

    Keep an eye on the status of your lights. Control your electronics from anywhere in the world by using the Kasa smartphone application. You can control your electronics from your smartphone whether you’re at home, at the office, or while on vacation.

    The use of one’s voice

    If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling the lights in your home with your voice; this is especially useful when your hands are full or when entering a dark room.


    When you’re not at home or away, you can program your smart switch to turn on and off automatically using a timer or countdown schedule. Allowing the system to switch on and off at random to fool potential intruders is a good idea. This light switch timer will automatically switch your light on at night and off again the next morning creating the perfect light for any occasion.

    Honeywell Switch


    • Honeywell Home Is easy to install
    • Automatic Mode
    • Simple home installation
    • Programmable light switch timer


    Neutral Wire Required

    Honeywell Switch

    Honeywell Home Programmable Light Switch


    With the Honeywell Home ECONOSwitch 7-Day Solar Programmable Light Switch, you can bring more convenience and customization into your home. Though this one switch light switch timer will work with virtually any light or ceiling fan. Honewell Home has a sleek wall mounts blend that will match your home décor. This light switch timer can automatically turn lights on and off for you while you are away from the house or whenever you want them to be on or off, quickly and easily with a simple touch of a button. No Delay Anywhere

    With this light switch timer will work even when the power goes out! Comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn lights on and off at different times of the day.


    With the Honeywell Home ECONOSwitch 7-Day Solar light switch timers, you can bring more convenience and customization into your home.


    When you program your Econoswitch, it will automatically turn on and off your home’s lights and motors on and off at predetermined intervals, allowing you to save both time and energy.


    Your motor-operated appliances, such as ceiling fans, bathroom fans, pond pumps, and pool pumps should be scheduled at the same time as the rest of your home lighting (one switch per home installation). On 120v, 1800W (34 HP) is available.


    You can easily program up to seven on-and-off schedules per week, which can be repeated daily or weekly, without any difficulty. The 3-button interface simplifies the programming process.


    Compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on the application.


    A single-pole installation necessitates the use of a neutral wire. It is not possible to use this switch if there is no neutral wire (two white wires connected together) present inside the electrical box. There is no wallplate included.


    Use the ECONOswitch to manually control your lighting, or set it to run automatically on a pre-programmed schedule.


    Adjusts for daylight savings time to ensure that your programs run correctly and on time. Programs that are protected from being interrupted by power failure. While you’re away, the Random Setting activates and deactivates timed lights to provide additional home security.

    Sleek Design

    The sleek design of the wall mounts allows them to blend in with virtually any home interior, and the large backlit screen allows for clear viewing even in the dark.

    Why you should upgrade your light switches

    Imagine using a timer switch to control your lighting and being able to adjust the settings in a small but clean-looking LCD screen. What if you could control your pool pumps, or even your backyard lights from an application while being on the other side of the world. That is the convenience that programmable light switches bring.

    This used to be accomplished by clunky and barely usable mechanical controls. These devices in question were timers that could be connected to a power outlet and used to power a variety of devices. The fact that they could be used to turn on and off a few lamps while you were away made them particularly popular with frequent travelers. Typically, they worked by inserting a series of pins into a rotating dial to accomplish their tasks. Each time the dial was turned, the pins would turn on and off the switch.

    Mechanical bathroom timers, on the other hand, have been around for quite some time. Toggle a dial, and the switch will come on for a period of time ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. They’re frequently used to control bathroom fans, as well as infrared lamps in hotels, among other things. However, there aren’t many other useful applications for them aside from that.

    Digital timer switches are simply the next step in the development of this technology. They function in the same way that a mechanical bathroom timer does, by taking the place of a wall light switch. Additionally, they function similarly to a mechanical plug-in timer in that they allow you to schedule when your lights turn on and off. However, there are some limitations to a mechanical timer. A single dial that operates 24 hours a day allows you to set only one schedule. With an automated light switch, you can typically set a different schedule for weekends, or even a schedule that runs seven days a week. This is the type of switch we’re going to be looking at right now.

    Before you make a purchase, consider the following:

    Let’s talk about the features of the device now that we know what we’re looking at. To begin with, you must determine how many watts your circuit will require to function properly. If your switch is only in charge of one ceiling light, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any difficulties. Many people, on the other hand, use automated light switch timers to control the lights in an entire room. Circuits that control a row of kitchen appliances can even be implemented using these components.

    This is useful if you want to turn off those outlets overnight in order to save phantom electricity. The features of your device will need to be checked and double-checked in these higher-wattage situations.

    Another thing to consider is the types of lights or appliances that you are powering with your electricity. An older incandescent bulb can be powered by any switch. However, the requirements for CFL and LED bulbs are different. Additionally, you should be aware that the majority of switches do not support dimmers. Finally, some light switch timers aren’t designed to work with electric motors. This is due to the fact that electric motors have a “peak wattage,” which means that the wattage spikes when the motor is turned on. It is possible that a switch will be able to handle the normal wattage just fine. However, it will still be required to be capable of handling the peak power.

    Last but not least, keep in mind that not all lighting circuits are created equal. Three-way circuits, for example, have switches on both ends of the room, and are commonly used. There are even four-way circuits, in which three switches control the same light, which are becoming increasingly popular. The vast majority of automation switches will operate on a standard single-switch circuit; however, not all of them are capable of operating on multi-way circuits.

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    Final Thoughts

    You can not go wrong with any of the options that I have presented. Each is rated well, and all are available at a reasonable price. I hope that the information provided here will help you to make the right decision on your own light switch timer purchase. Which one are you thinking about purchasing? Let me know in the comments below.

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