2022 Review of Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect starts at $59.00 a year and significantly enhances the already impressive business-grade cloud backup and storage capabilities of its more entry-level Acronis Cyber Backup solution by doubling down on additional security and remote management features. As a result, Acronis Cyber Protect is a completely new service that appears to be well-suited to the current remote work situation. In this situation, it takes a three-pronged approach, focusing on cybersecurity, backup and recovery, and integrated protection management. While it is not the simplest tool to use of those we examined this time, it is one of the best-designed and most feature-rich options we encountered.


  • Integrated solution for backup, storage, and data protection For small and medium-sized businesses
  • Designed with distant employees in mind
  • Contains robust ransomware protection
  • Option for forensic backup


  • Cloud storage is a separate product
  • Only higher tiers have access to the mobile application.

Acronis Cyber Protect Background

Managing cyber defense in an ever-changing threat context is difficult. Protect your data from any danger with Acronis Cyber Protect – the only cyber security solution that merges data protection and cybersecurity natively.

This extensive security arsenal should appeal to a broad range of clients. Cyber Protect is significantly more expensive than comparable products for small to midsize enterprises (SMBs), but it will appeal to enterprise customers wishing to secure their employees’ data on distant PCs and mobile devices. Certain features of Acronis Cyber Protect, such as forensic backup and the ability to perform a memory dump on an existing machine, may appear excessive for small enterprises. However, having them available could prove beneficial in the long term regardless of the size of the organization being secured. Whether this additional protection is worth the increased price is up to you, but the corporation has made a concerted effort to ensure that its security capabilities are as thorough as possible.

Backup and storage are completely covered and mature solutions, as one should expect from a market veteran. These capabilities are identical to those found in Acronis Cyber Backup. What distinguishes it from nearly all of its competitors is the extent to which its security stack has grown. Subscribers receive continuous cybersecurity protection powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-based antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies, transforming this platform into a fully competitive, business-grade endpoint protection platform in addition to its backup capabilities.

Each endpoint can be exposed to a vulnerability assessment in order to discover any vulnerabilities. Global threat monitoring and intelligent alerting can be used on any machine protected by the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, as well as network-attached storage (NAS), system attached storage (SAN), backup tapes, disks, or any public or private cloud storage target, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

In a very pandemic-aware touch, Acronis has addressed some of the new security headaches all home-bound teleworkers face, who rely on various online collaboration solutions to get through an average workday. For example, those using video conferencing champ, Zoom, for their team meetings are likely dealing with protecting those sessions from cyberattacks or hijacking through Zoom-bombing as well as other insidious attack vectors, like code injections or compromised links. Acronis Cyber Protect helps secure these tools with proactive vulnerability assessments, patch management, code injection prevention, and dedicated anti-malware measures.

However, returning to Acronis Cyber Protect’s fundamental objective of data protection, the software provides a plethora of choices for idle and disk-image backup. This includes backing up the complete system as a single “image” file, which enables bare-metal restoration and simplifies the process of migrating your present environment to a new PC. Acronis Universal Restore automates backup and restore operations and simplifies system migrations with a few clicks. Acronis Cyber Protect, depending on your organization’s needs, can successfully replace basic MDM solutions due to its ability to enable remote desktop access for support. This includes remote monitoring of drive health and missing updates, as well as active endpoint alarms and the option to remotely wipe devices on lost or decommissioned computers.

Pricing and Tiers

 Acronis Cyber Product Essentials – $59.00

Acronis Cyber Protect Essential is a complete cyber protection solution for any environment that includes limited backup capabilities. File-level backup, local backup, incremental/differential backups, and archive compression are all included in the Data Protection Features.

The following features are included in Acronis Cyber Protect Product Essentials: Features of Cybersecurity Defense against ransomware and cryptojacking, antivirus and antimalware protection Preventing exploits, URL screening, Management of Windows Defender Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials,

Threatening feed Remote device wipe, Autodiscovery (network-based and Active Directory-based computers), Vulnerability assessments for Windows, Vulnerability assessments for third-party Windows programs, Vulnerability assessments for macOS, and Vulnerability assessments for Linux Management of patches, Patching that is fail-safe: create a backup of the endpoint before installing patches, and use remote desktop.

Acronis Cyber Protect Essential is devoid of advanced management capabilities.

Acronis Cyber Protect Standard -$79.99

Acronis Cyber Protect Standard includes all of the features of Acronis Cyber Protect Essentials and also includes the following: image-based backup, ESXi configuration backup, NAS/shares backup, Backup Window, Multi-Destination Backup, Backup validation, retention roles, Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), BMR to dissimilar hardware.

Acronis Cyber Protect Standard also includes all of the cybersecurity features of Acronis Cyber Protect Essentials and also includes the following: URL Categorization, HDD health monitoring, Data Protection Map, and Continous Data Protection.

Acronis Cyber Protect Standard does have one advanced management capability and that is Active Directory (AD) integration for authentication.

Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced – $119.00

Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced includes all of the features of Acronis Cyber Protect Standard and also includes the following: Blockchain backup notarization, Xenserver, KVM, RHV, and Oracle VM server support.

Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced includes all of the cybersecurity features of Acronis Cyber Protect Standard and also includes the following: #CyberFit Score, Forensic Mode, Scan Backups for Malware, Safe recovery of the backups, and Corporate Whitelist.

Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced also includes all of the advanced management capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Standard and also includes the following: Group Management, Shared Protection Plans, Centralized Plans, Active Directory Integration for Authentication, Dashboard configuration, and Reports.

Acronis Cyber Protect – Backup Standard – $69.99

This includes Acronis Cyber Backup Standard (for small and medium businesses) for $69.99, which includes backup for VMware ESXi configurations, NAS and network shares, multi-destination backup (backup replication), retention rules (Checksums), bare metal recovery (BMR), BMR to dissimilar hardware (universal restore), and a #Cyberfit score for protection assessment.

Acronis Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced – $99.00

Acrononis Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced, includes all of the features of Acronis Cyber Protect-Backup Standard as well as blockchain backup notarization. It also contains the same Managed Features of Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced.

Highlights of Acronis Cyber Protect

Anti-Malware and Antivirus

Protect your data, apps, and systems from modern threats by taking a proactive approach. Acronis Cyber Protect provides real-time protection against malware, ransomware, and cryptojacking using MI-based static and behavioral heuristic antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies.

Fail-Safe Patching

Eliminate the danger of a system becoming unusable due to a faulty patch. Before patches are applied, an image backup is created automatically – allowing you to simply restore and roll back to a workable state in the event of a patch failure.

Forensic Backup

Simplify future analysis by gathering digital evidence from disk-level backups, such as memory dumps and process information. You can manage compliance needs and conduct internal investigations more quickly using Acronis Cyber Protect’s Forensic Mode.

Safe Recovery

Avoid reinfection with malware by automatically patching the computer and then scanning the system and backup images with the most up-to-date anti-malware definitions.

Continuous Data Protection

Protect newly produced data. Acronis’ agent continuously monitors and backs up all changes made to the listed apps, ensuring that recent modifications are not lost if the computer needs to be reimaged.

Global Threat Monitoring and Smart Alerts

Take advantage of Acronis’ global network of Cyber Security Operation Centers (CPOC) by receiving real-time warnings on malware, vulnerabilities, natural disasters, and other global events that could influence data protection.

Data Compliance Reporting and Data Protection Map

Ascertain compliance reporting by obtaining extensive information about stored data and tracking the protection status of critical files using automatic data classification.

Global and Local Allowlists From Backups

Scan backups using powerful anti-malware technologies (MI, behavioral heuristics, etc.) and whitelist your organization’s unique programs to minimize false positives in the future.

Setup and Installation

For the majority of home broadband customers, downloading and installing both the server and client components of Acronis Cyber Protect takes roughly 20 minutes. After downloading the installer, you may choose to install a protection agent and management server or just the protection agent. In our instance, we were forced to choose the first option, which begins with the download of an installation file. Once logged in, the left-hand panel makes everything easily accessible.

We were immediately able to access the Acronis Cyber Protect Management Server, which serves as the core management interface for all cyber protection functions, including backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware and ransomware protection, remote desktop, and other endpoint security features. It is available for on-premises deployment (on your local network) or cloud deployment (at one of Acronis’ data centers). Bear in mind that if you choose on-premises, you are responsible for installing and maintaining the Cyber Protect instance, but if you choose cloud, Acronis acts as a managed service provider, though you will be responsible for configuring and operating the solution.

The Acronis Cyber Protect Management Portal is the web interface to the Management Server. You’ll arrive there by typing the login page’s address into the browser’s address bar. This is the IP address or machine name of the system on which the Management Server is installed for on-premise deployments; for cloud deployments, this is the URL to the cloud platform.

Elegant Cyber Protection Console

Acronis Cyber Protect’s general architecture is surprisingly intuitive for such a sophisticated and comprehensive service. The Dashboard, accessible via a right-hand navigation bar, provides an overview of the current backup state for all endpoints. This includes cyber protection, which displays the amount of storage backed up today, the number of malware blocks, malicious URLs blocked, known vulnerabilities, and updates available for installation. Following that is a thorough breakdown of devices, including their names, current protection status, device state (i.e. running or idle), agent and agent state, most recent definitions update, number of existing backups, and total storage consumed.

Along the same side, a Devices menu enables you to select which networked devices to safeguard. Each device must be configured using the Acronis agent. After selecting a device, a pop-up box prompts you to specify a backup destination, schedule, whether or not to encrypt the backup, and whether or not to convert the backup to a virtual machine (VM) that can be conveniently launched later. Additionally, you can choose any specific applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) identity store, or an Oracle database, if the selected device hosts any of these. Acronis provides continuous protection, just like CrashPlan for Small Business and Carbonite Cloud Backup do.

Plans, Anti-Malware Protection, Software Management, Backup Storage, and Reports and Settings are all accessible from the Devices section. The functionality is basic, albeit there were times when scrolling between areas felt a little sluggish. The ability to apply particular policies and protection plans to remote employees and their devices is a critical feature for firms managing remote employees and their equipment. Under Devices, there is a Working from Home Policy that provides access to and control over antivirus and anti-malware protection, URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, patch management, and a data protection map. Additionally, this primary panel provides the ability to do an immediate backup of a single device.

Following the completion of your initial backup, you can restore your system in its entirety or simply a subset of the total files. Both steps are simple to complete and operate wonderfully. Alternatively, you can launch the latest backup as a VM with a single click. Additionally, if you have direct access to the location of your local backups, you can mount and browse the generated backup files natively within Windows.

Acronis Instant Restore is a really useful feature. Acronis Instant Restore, which is essentially a business continuity function, enables you to launch an Acronis-backed computer as a VMWare VM without transferring any data. This translates into the ability to mount and launch a virtual machine directly from the backup storage source (cloud or local) without transmitting any data to the virtual host. This also applies to any backed-up Amazon EC2 instance. It’s worth noting that this is largely dependent on the speed of your storage media, so plan on having multiple local backups in order for this to operate properly.

Proactive not Reactive Protection

Acronis Cyber Protect’s overall backup features are mature and covered in our earlier evaluation of Acronis Cyber Backup, which scored it highly for being an excellent comprehensive backup solution with anti-ransomware capabilities. Acronis Cyber Protect improves on this basis by considerably enhancing proactive protection and security capabilities, which will be critical for enterprises managing a large number of now-remote sites that are all burdened with data that must be secured.

While other cloud backup systems provide security integrations, Acronis takes it a step further by incorporating AI-based behavioral detection for zero-day attack prevention. This is a groundbreaking feature that identifies and mitigates threats from new or uncategorized exploits. This is accomplished by examining how apps operate on a PC endpoint and clamping down on them if they begin tampering with registry files or encrypting files and folders, a common precursor to ransomware assaults. Numerous rival cloud backup solutions are still vulnerable to ransomware attacks that erase backups. Acronis is currently the only option we’ve tested that can restore a safe backup instance automatically.

Acronis Cyber Protect may also scan data stored in third-party public clouds for malware on behalf of enterprises with additional cloud-based data repositories. Later in 2022, Acronis will continue to extend the capabilities of Cyber Protect, including data protection and other services for existing subscribers.

Perfect for Remote Workers

If you’re a small business looking for something more straightforward and affordable, Acronis may not be the right fit. However, compare the cost against the benefits of having an all-in-one solution that covers not only backups but also endpoint security and device management with capabilities tailored to remote workers. Consider the alternative of choosing a less expensive system that focuses just on data backup and restoration and may still be more suited to a central office than to potentially hundreds of remote workers.

For enterprises that require the majority, if not all, of Acronis’ features and protection, the ability to access them all from a single interface is a significant convenience that CIOs and administrators should undoubtedly find appealing. Acronis Cyber Protect’s comprehensive feature set appears tailor-made for today’s IT concerns.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a unified solution that combines backup with next-generation, AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint protection management. Integration and automation enable service providers to operate more efficiently – by reducing complexity while increasing productivity and lowering operational expenses.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud allows you to mitigate risk by reducing your security risks by integrating cyber protection across all of their workloads and gaining access to features not available from their current security vendor. Assemble a response to the cyberthreats of 2021 and significantly reduce security incidents and breaches. Utilize a solution that is a market leader in independent testing (VB100, AV Test, AV-Comparatives, ICSA Labs).

For Managed Service Providers you can increase your monthly renewal rate by strengthening your security services and creating easy upsell and cross-sell opportunities with a unified solution that encompasses cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, file sync and sharing, and task management. Reduce turnover by showcasing to customers your cyber security results through integrated reporting. Increase client loyalty and trust by utilizing our pre-developed educational and marketing materials.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a great option for cyber protection if you do not have the server infrastructure to host your information on premise. You can gain this cyber protection by coordinating with a Managed Service Provider in your area and they will be able to provide you this cyber protection at a reasonable rate.

Enhanced data protection for mobile devices.

Integrated backup for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Boost your business’s resilience and fulfill the current world’s data protection requirements. Simple-to-use iOS and Android apps connect to Acronis’ APIs to expand backup capability to all controlled devices.

Data recovery from mobile devices

Increase your remote workforce’s productivity and decrease data loss concerns by recovering contacts, images, videos, calendars, reminders, and text messages rapidly.

Migration of mobile data

Increase operational agility and flexibility by restoring crucial data completely from one mobile device to another – even between iOS and Android platforms. You can download the personal mobile app on the Apple Store, or Google Play.

How does it work?


How do you back up a computer?

A computer backup is a separate copy of your data from the original. This includes personal images and videos, documents, emails and contacts, as well as the applications and operating system that run on your computer. If the originals are stored on your laptop or mobile device, you should store the backup in a secure location – this way, you can use the second copy to restore your files or system in the event that the originals are damaged.

Backup software is required to ensure that all of this data is accurately copied and may be used to recover your machine. A system such as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (previously Acronis True Image) captures changes to everything automatically, including hidden files that can be missed when manually copying files, and simplifies and expedites the recovery process.

How do you back up a computer to an External Hard Drive?

Creating a full image backup on an external hard drive is as simple as two clicks using Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (previously Acronis True Image). After connecting the drive and starting Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, click Add backup. Because the entire computer is the default backup destination, all you need to do is select the external drive as the Backup destination and then click Back up now.

What does it mean to back up a computer to the cloud?

Computer backups must be stored securely. Acronis suggests following the 3-2-1 backup rule, which entails storing a copy of your backup files locally (on external hard drives, network drives, and NAS devices) and a copy off-site. Thus, if a fire or flood destroys both your original files and the local backup, the off-site duplicate is still accessible for recovery.

The term “cloud” refers to a remote network of computers and servers that you can access over the internet. The cloud is a convenient way to store your data off-site, where they are protected from local damage, because you simply log in over the internet. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (previously Acronis True Image) subscriptions include cloud storage, cloud-based functionality, and anywhere access to your data.

Additionally, with Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, you can automate the replication of local backups to the Acronis Cloud, ensuring that you always have an off-site copy of your data available without managing a separate backup plan. After the initial successful backup, this option will do your backup and replication concurrently, in parallel.

What is Acronis anti-malware protection?

Acronis’ powerful anti-malware technology provides you with piece of mind by providing comprehensive threat prevention. It employs a suite of integrated technologies designed to counteract various attack vectors:

  • Excellent protection against known and undiscovered malware threats, such as ransomware, cryptojackers, and fileless attacks.
  • Behavioral analysis and dynamic detection rules that counter new threats.
  • Antivirus scan performed on-demand that scans all files on your computer for malware such as Trojans, viruses, backdoors, worms, keyloggers, and spyware.

Acronis protects your device and backups against the latest cyberthreats.

Do I need Acronis anti-malware protection if I already have specialized antivirus, anti-malware, firewall, or other security software?

Yes. Acronis anti-malware software is built on a foundation of integrated technologies that provide data protection features that many third-party antivirus products lack. For instance:

  • It safeguards your backup. A specific module of Acronis anti-malware security protects your backup files and backup agent from malware-related destruction or modification.
  • It automatically restores ransomware-affected files. The bulk of other security software only blocks an attack without recovering the ciphered data automatically.

Is Acronis anti-malware protection compatible with other anti-malware solutions?

We are aware that your device may be equipped with specialist antivirus, web filtering, or other security software. While we encourage deleting third-party software in favor of depending only on Acronis’ anti-malware solution, you can leave it active. Anti-malware protection from Acronis is compatible with the majority of popular anti-malware solutions. They do not compete for resources and do not add to the system’s overhead.

However, Acronis real-time protection activates only if your device is not already running a third-party real-time protection solution. If third-party software is found, you’ll receive a notification on your protection dashboard indicating another piece of software is guarding you from harmful files.

One Note: If you continue to safeguard your device using a third-party solution rather than Acronis’ anti-malware (like Microsoft security essentials management), Acronis cannot guarantee the third-party solution’s reliability.

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Final Thought

Traditional security tools are inadequate for defending against today’s cyberthreats. The old strategy of patching together disparate protection products – for backup, patch automation, antimalware, and configuration management, among others – is cumbersome, expensive, and unsuccessful.

By merging data protection with cybersecurity, Acronis Cyber Protect takes a revolutionary approach to cyber protection. This integrated approach removes complexity-related issues, provides enhanced security against today’s dangers, and maximizes efficiency through time and money savings.

Acronis Cyber Protect combats advanced cyberattacks with its full-stack antimalware protection and comprehensive endpoint management, simplifying daily IT operations, endpoint installations, maintenance, and reporting. You may now manage all areas of cyber security through a single pane of glass. For Cyber Protection Acronis Cyber Protect is a very attractive product and I highly recommend you give it a try.

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